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Can Satori MM work for you?

Satori MM can free up your tasks list and not only create and manage those invoices, you can produce mass communications as well as personalised payment reminders at the click of a button, thus leaving you free to add value to your associations and expand its influence through member engagement, event planning (with Satori as the management tool) and strategic development via direct contact with members in an in-built platform Satori facilitates.

Satori can be used to foster member engagement via accurate tracking and recording of interactions and activities from your members, thus helping you build upon relationships. Satori’s Event Management facilities can let you plan more events, and spend the resourced saved through automation on these events so that the impact and value that your core members bring are put to use where it is needed- building solidarity with members through the human touch.

From Associations, Communities, Societies, Trade Associations, Regulatory Bodies and Organisations Satori MM can help with your Membership needs! Just pick your option below for more!

Satori MM for Associations

Satori GYM for Gymnastics Club


Transform your sports  association through a powerful membership management software system built to understand how you run your sport. Run your competitions, classes with ease and keep in touch with members through the email broadcast system.


A frontline responsive  membership management system specialising in leveraging the needs to your Religious association to engage with your members.


Use Satori MM to manage your annual conference where ever it may be around the world. Let your delegates book their places, choose what they want to eat, load and use the powerful abstracts system so the peer review happens with ease.

What would a top membership management software offer?

  • Easy to use Content Management
  • Email Broadcast
  • Abstract Management
  • Member Application Vetting
  • Event Management
  • Customised Reporting
  • Personalisation 
  • Lots of Automation




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